S.No. Auction Heading Auction Date Brochure Download
1 Auction of Mago & Jamun Phal Bahar of Raksha Puram Scheme. 04-Jun-2021 Download
2 e-Auction on line bidding from 08-03-2021 to 25-03-2021 01-Jan-1970 Download
3 Notice for e-auction started dated 17/08/2020 29-Aug-2020 Download
4 Notice for E-Auction Programe for Property 15-Jul-2020 Download
5 Notice for Auction of Condemn Vehicle on 08 Jan 2020 08-Jan-2020 Download
6 Ammended Programme for online bidding/e-Auction of property (Non-Residential) 31-Dec-2019 Download
7 program for online bidding/e-auction (Non-Residential) 30-Dec-2019 Download
8 Notice for Vehicle Auction on 28/12/2019 28-Dec-2019 Download
9 Notice for Vheichel Auction dated 28/12/2019 28-Dec-2019 Download
10 program for online e-auction 12-Dec-2019 Download
11 How to apply / Registration step for E-Auction of Non Residential Property 14-Sep-2019 Download
12 Property Details of Non Residential Property 14-Sep-2019 Download
13 Guidelines Regarding Auction of Property 02-Jul-2019 Download
14 Important Notice regardong Auction on 04-07-19 04-Jul-2019 Download
15 Auction of Mortgage Property of Gardenia Estate Noor Nagar 04-Jul-2019 Download
16 Auction of Educational Land of MDA Meerut 26-Jun-2019 Download
17 Auction of Non Residential Property of MDA Meerut 04-Jul-2019 Download
18 Auction of Vehicle on 29 Oct 2018. 29-Oct-2018 Download
19 Auction of Trees at Ganga Nagar on 10 Oct 2018 05-Oct-2018 Download
20 Auction of 392 Trees at Ganga Nagar Extension on 10 Oct 2018 10-Oct-2018 Download
21 Site Plan of Bulk Land at Raksha Puram auction on 27 Jul 2018 27-Jul-2018 Download
22 Auction of Bulk Land at Raksha Puram 27-Jul-2018 Download
23 Auction of Non Residential Property of Pocket J & AP of Pallav Puram Phase-1 27-Jul-2018 Download
24 Auction of non residential properties of Meerut Development Authority 01-Jun-2018 Download